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Type: Follower
Rarity: Gold
Set: Granblue Fantasy (Rotation)
Cost: 2

Base:Stats: 2/2

Evolved:Stats: 4/4
Effect: Evolve: Choose - Put either a Guardform Golem or a Strikeform Golem into your hand.

Base Flair
If the automatons we build outshine man on the battlefield, humanity's future has no glory. Mankind should flourish; anything less would be unromantic. However... there are those who have no potential. It will be amusing weeding them out.

Evolved Flair
Humanity will forge its own future. That much is absolute fact, just as history tells us. However, there is no history devoid of sacrifice. As such, I shall activate them for the people who inhabit this world.

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Vs Clay Golem