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Type: Follower (Officer)
Rarity: Legendary
Set: Omen of the Ten (Rotation)
Cost: 9

Base:Stats: 8/8
Effect: Accelerate (2): Change an enemy follower's attack and defense to 1/1.
Fanfare: Change all enemy follower's attack and defense to 1/1.

Evolved:Stats: 10/10

Base Flair
Long ago, lived the ninja Jiraiya, who learned how to transform into a toad. He married a woman named Tsunade, who could transform into a slug, and banished the fearsome beast Raiju.
—Book of Heaven, The Legend of Jiraiya

Evolved Flair
Jiraiya's mortal enemy, Orochimaru, transformed into a serpent, but Jiraiya exorcised the serpent's spirit with a slice from the Namikiri. It is said that in defeating his rival, he ascended to the heavens a master of his art.
—Book of Earth, The Legend of Jiraiya

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