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Type: Follower
Rarity: Silver
Set: Altersphere (Rotation)
Cost: 2

Base:Stats: 2/2
Effect: Fanfare: Randomly perform 1 of the following - Put a Monastic Holy Water into your hand or deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

Evolved:Stats: 4/4

Base Flair
Oh, god dang it! The apostles of the holy court won't stand for you dark dwellers runnin' amok! If y'all don't settle down, I'll have to shoot you with my holy water bullets—and I'm outta practice, so don't make me do it!

Evolved Flair
No, Mr. Zombie, stop it! People ain't for eatin'! Can you believe zombies go around doin' such bad stuff when they're such cute little varmints? What? Yer sayin' zombies ain't cute? The heck?!