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Type: Follower (Machina)
Rarity: Silver
Set: Steel Rebellion (Rotation)
Cost: 2

Base:Stats: 1/3
Effect: Fanfare: Give another allied Machina follower +1/+1 and Rush.

Evolved:Stats: 3/5

Base Flair
Salvation arrived in a form not unlike a machine. There it was, flying above the congregation, a falcon made of steel. It was battle ready and gave the people hope that they could fight back against the demons. —Church Records, Part 2

Evolved Flair
Some strange robots appeared and left behind this mechanical falcon. Could it be one of God's messengers, sent to guide and warn us? In any case, everyone at the church can now worship in peace knowing a guardian on high flies above. —Layperson's Account, Part 2

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