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Type: Follower
Rarity: Legendary
Set: Rebirth of Glory (Rotation)
Cost: 3

Base:Stats: 3/3

Evolved:Stats: 5/5
Effect: Evolve: Give your leader the following effect - During your turn, whenever a follower is added to your hand from anywhere but your deck, give that follower +1/+1. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

Base Flair
The fairy speaks to the young man who is brimming with hatred. Long ago she entrusted him with the ability to dispel illness, but the illness he dispelled went on to annihilate his homeland. The fairy's eyes dampen with profound sorrow and regret...

Evolved Flair
My sins, my errors are what nourished the hatred within you. I didn't act out of love. It was a selfish infatuation I simply forced upon you. But I care deeply for you. There's nothing more to it.