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Type: Follower
Rarity: Legendary
Set: Rebirth of Glory (Rotation)
Cost: 6

Base:Stats: 4/4
Effect: Fanfare: Gain an empty play point orb, and recover 3 play points.

Evolved:Stats: 6/6
Effect: Evolve: If you have at least 6 play points, use 6 play points and summon a Devoted Dragon.
Reduce damage to this follower to 0 while an allied Devoted Dragon is in play.

Base Flair
"It's okay, Mister Dragon. I'll help you guys make up."
Because she cares, because she doesn't want him to be alone—she helps bring the hearts of the two together with her gentle touch.
—Path to Adventure with Three, Plus One, Part 5

Evolved Flair
The two run to the dragon. Their adventure begins here. The two are reunited and both call out at once, "Sorry!"
—Path to Adventure with Three, Plus One, Part 6