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Type: Follower
Rarity: Legendary
Set: Ultimate Colosseum (Rotation)
Cost: 8

Base:Stats: 2/2
Effect: Crystallize (1): Earth Sigil
Your leader can't take more than 4 damage at a time.
At the start of your turn, perform Earth Rite: If an earlier-played Earth Sigil amulet is destroyed this way, restore 1 defense to your leader.
At the end of your turn, draw a card.
Fanfare: Gain +X/+X. X equals the number of allied Earth Sigil amulets destroyed this match. Deal Y damage to an enemy. Y equals this follower's attack.

Evolved:Stats: 4/4

Base Flair
Causality is equivalent to truth. Zero is zero. One hundred is one hundred. That balance is forever unchanging... or it was. However, now the forbidden arts make a mockery of causality.

Evolved Flair
Both nothingness and infinity are now possible. Equality can be rewritten, distorted, using a taboo practice capable of deceiving the heavens. Beyond the bounds of reason, the mage smiles calmly.

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