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Type: Follower (Natura)
Rarity: Gold
Set: World Uprooted (Rotation)
Cost: 3

Base:Stats: 3/3
Effect: Fanfare: If any allied amulets are in play, return 1 to your hand and restore 2 defense to your leader.

Evolved:Stats: 5/5
Effect: Evolve: Return an allied amulet to your hand and deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. (Activates only when both a targetable allied card and enemy card are in play.)

Base Flair
O volatile and fickle wind. Master of endurance and change. Combined with water, it becomes the raging gale. Aye, look at her blowin' around up there, with my feet down here on the ground—quite the competition, ain't she? —Aeroelementalist

Evolved Flair
The elementalists chose their path. They would cut ties from the foul machinists and act as wardens for all creation. Humanity's purpose, after all, was to live alongside nature—not to control it.
—Magica Principia, Part 3

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