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Type: Follower (Natura)
Rarity: Gold
Set: World Uprooted (Rotation)
Cost: 3

Base:Stats: 3/3
Effect: Fanfare: If an allied amulet is in play, deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.

Evolved:Stats: 5/5
Effect: Evolve: Give your leader the following effect - During your turn, whenever cards are added to your hand from your deck, deal 1 damage to a random enemy. Do this X times. X equals the number of cards added to your hand. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

Base Flair
contagion—spreading from beast. beast—taints life itself. great power. must let someone know. please. spread word quickly. let world know. spread. the madness.
—Scrawled Memo from a Doctor

Evolved Flair
I figured it out—the source of madness. It lies within the unknowable self. There is no running from madness. It does not forgive. It is a rope, snaking up your limbs and binding you. May madness fetter all of existence.
—The Rope of Madness