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Type: Follower (Mach. / Nat.)
Rarity: Gold
Set: World Uprooted (Rotation)
Cost: 5

Base:Stats: 1/5
Effect: Fanfare: Put a Machina or Natura follower from your hand into play. Give it Rush and the following effect: At the end of your turn, return this follower to your hand.

Evolved:Stats: 3/7

Base Flair
Concept: Automated artillery barrage
Subjects: All organisms capable of conveying laser turrets
Mission: Development of creature that is weapon and carrier in one
—Domination Plan Proposal, Team Z

Evolved Flair
Organic life has donned steel, shouldered machinery, and assumed the robe of power. It roars, "We reign supreme; these machines are our attendants." This biological drive for dominance is vital; it's what propels us into the future.
—In Defense of Machines, Part 2