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Type: Follower (Mach. / Nat.)
Rarity: Legendary
Set: World Uprooted (Rotation)
Cost: 6

Base:Stats: 6/6
Effect: Rush.
Whenever an allied Machina or Natura follower attacks, recover 1 play point.
At the end of your turn, if you have at least 1 play point, deal 5 damage to a random enemy follower. Then, if you have at least 3, deal 3 damage to all enemies.

Evolved:Stats: 8/8
Effect: (Same as the unevolved form.)

Base Flair
Its claws are state-of-the-art. They warp virtual mass and crush stars into dust. But to the great bear, even these ruinous weapons are but appendages. Fear not the blade—fear the flesh that wields it.

Evolved Flair
Activating Ometeotl: all systems online.
Code: FMD. OpticPilot, ready to go.
Inputting extermination sequence... Approved.
Things are about to get ugly.
—Ralmia, Sonic Racer