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Type: Follower
Rarity: Gold
Set: Fortune (Rotation)
Cost: 7

Base:Stats: 5/6
Effect: Accelerate (1): Deal 5 damage to an enemy follower.
(Can only Accelerate if an allied follower has evolved this turn.)
Fanfare: Deal 5 damage to an enemy follower. Then, if the selected follower had 5 defense or less before damage was dealt, evolve this follower.

Evolved:Stats: 7/8
Effect: Once on each of the opponent's turns, when the opponent plays a follower, deal 10 damage to it.

Base Flair
Ungh... Ungh, ungggh! Oh, excuse me. I was experiencing a bout of cuddle withdrawal. I guess this new look of mine isn't doing me any favors either...

Evolved Flair
I don't mind if the animals drive me batty. But as for intruders, I must ask them to leave. Then I can turn my undivided attention back to the cuddles!