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Type: Follower (Commander)
Rarity: Bronze
Set: Fortune (Rotation)
Cost: 9

Base:Stats: 9/7
Effect: Fanfare: Discard a card. Gain +X/+X. X equals the original cost of the discarded card.

Evolved:Stats: 11/9

Base Flair
The Eight of Cups calls for noble surrender. He smiles upon the faces of the desirous masses and, in calm, measured tones, explains the path of enlightenment: to extend a hand and give to those in need is to gain something far more precious.

Evolved Flair
He gladly divests himself of his riches, buoyed by his philosophy: to hold onto gold and other treasures is to lose everything. One needs only to let go. Those with empty pockets will gain wealth and splendor far beyond imagining.