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Type: Follower
Rarity: Legendary
Set: Fortune (Rotation)
Cost: 4

Base:Stats: 4/3
Effect: Fanfare: If Wrath is active for you, destroy an enemy follower, then deal 3 damage to the enemy leader.

Evolved:Stats: 6/5
Effect: Evolve: Deal 3 damage to your leader. Summon a Dire Bond.

Base Flair
Binding contracts persist in the depths of darkness. Some mortals use death as an escape clause, but demons don't negotiate. Remember well. The devil stains this awful light in beautiful jet black.

Evolved Flair
A true contract is not written, nor is it signed in blood; it is bound to the soul. Share your sins to conquer pain and misery. Favors are repaid in kind, for the devil is more trustworthy than the gods.