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Type: Follower
Rarity: Gold
Set: Fortune (Rotation)
Cost: 3

Base:Stats: 2/3
Effect: Fanfare: Put a Lorena's Holy Water into your hand.
During your turn, when defense is restored to your leader, if it's the second time this turn, gain the ability to evolve for 0 evolution points.

Evolved:Stats: 4/5
Effect: Evolve: Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the attack of the allied follower with the highest attack in play.

Base Flair
God mourns whenever one of his lambs is wounded. But there's no need to worry—we just have to fortify our bodies and souls! Okay, everyone! Into position! We'll start with one hundred prayers and one hundred crunches!

Evolved Flair
God watches over our efforts—all the more reason to continue our good work! Now then, everyone! Pick up your scripture! We're going to do some heavy lifting today!