OTK Dragon ft. Wildfang Dragonewt

Game-AI / January 28, 2017

This article is originally from Game-AI. It is provided here translated with permission.
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Today, Ikura from the Game-AI deck guide team will be presenting an interesting concept deck, Wildfang Dragonewt OTK Dragon. As this is still a concept deck, it may not be the best for ranked, but the fundamental idea is still there.

But if you insist on winning in ranked right now, then please reference the tier list and use the decks we've marked as the strongest for the meta.

Here are the three main points which make this deck interesting:

  1. It's difficult for your opponent to tell what deck you're playing in the early game
  2. This deck's playstyle is uncommon and unexpected of Dragoncraft
  3. There is no way for your opponent to prevent the OTK


1. Wildfang Dragonewt + Altered Fate Combo

The first important aspect of this deck is the pairing of Wildfang Dragonewt and Altered Fate, which was virtually never used in the DE meta. Take a look at the card effects.

By playing Altered Fate when Wildfang Dragonewt is already on the board, you can deal massive damage to the enemy leader, equal to the number of cards in your hand. This takes a gimmick from DE-era Discard Dragon and incorporates it as a finishing combo.

Let's take a look at how much damage this combo will deal in specific circumstances.

  1. One Wildfang
    Maximum damage: 18
    Cost: 8
    Chained Altered Fates: 3

    While this combo does require playing all three Altered Fate consecutively, since it will kill your opponent with a little bit of chip, it isn't impractical. Keep in mind, however, that this combo will not kill your opponent from 20.

  2. Two Wildfangs
    Maximum damage: 20+
    Cost: 8
    Chained Altered Fates: 2

    If you have two Wildfang Dragonewts on board, and you play Altered Fate with 6 or more cards in hand (not including itself), drawing another Altered Fate will give you over 20 damage, making this a true OTK. Against Midrange and slow Control decks, this is the combo you want to hit.

  3. Three Wildfangs
    Maximum damage: 20+
    Cost: 10
    Chained Altered Fates: 2

    You only need 4 or more cards in hand on the first Altered Fate, but since you draw fewer cards, this combo may occasionally fail.

2. Consistency of Card Draw

While there are several powerful combos as mentioned above, getting those specific cards from your deck every game is not that simple. As a result, it is necessary to implement draw and tutoring in the deck.

For now, let's consider how we can increase the draw consistency on Wildfang Dragonewt.

Goblin Mage

Goblin Mage is a neutral follower that tutors 2 mana followers from your deck. That's right-- by limiting the 2-drops in this deck to only Wildfang Dragonewt, we can guarantee that it will be drawn off Goblin Mage. Miracle Roach utilitizes this card to tutor Rhinoceroach, but this powerful effect can be used for other decks as well.

Fortunehunter Feena

Fortunehunter Feena adds a free Goblin Mage to the hand on evolve, allowing you to simulatenously pressure the board and tutor Wildfang Dragonewt. This board pressure is also necessary for the chip damage that you will need if you cannot chain Altered Fate. We will discuss this further later, but these cards are also useful because they do not decrease hand size, thus increasing the range of the combo.

3. Maintaining Hand Size

Even if you have Wildfang Dragonewt and Altered Fate in hand, if your hand size is too small, your combo will fail to seize victory. As such, there is a need to implement means to keep the hand size replenished throughout the game.

Gourmet Emperor Khaiza

The Ultimate Carrot obtained from Gourmet Emperor Khaiza will continuously recycle itself until banished, making it a good match for this deck. Ultimate Carrot can also be used as a means to ensure you can spend all your mana without losing cards.
It can trade, it can stay on board and deal damage-- truly the greatest vegetable.

Draconic Fervor

Mana ramp, draw, and heal-- what a greedy spell Draconic Fervor is!
It's possible to OTK your opponent with double Wildfang Dragonewt into double Altered Fate, but this requires 8 mana and 6 cards in hand. What better way to reach that point than via this spell?

That's all for this deck introduction. We're not sure how great the potential of this build is, so please help us complete it!

This article is originally from Game-AI. It is provided here translated with permission.
View the original article here.

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